You are bidding on a classic reflex camera - camera (pre-WWII) Kine - Exakta II (Ihagee - Dresden) Film format: Miniature 24 x 36mm Manufacture period: 1938 


SEK Parti tillbehör VP Exakta SEK Kine Exakta typ4 Nr SEK Kine Exakta typ4 Nr Rolloroy (Pupille) Nr SEK Krauss Peggy II typ1 Nr.H 130/ SEK Ihagee Parvola 

757375, in maker's  Sep 18, 2014 The Kine Exakta, manufactured in series from April 1936 in Dresden by the Ihagee company is considered to be the first 24 X 36 reflex camera. the world's first 24x36mm SLR camera in good original condition, with round magnifier, in perfect working condition, matching Tessar 3.5/5cm no.2149130, case. Kine Exakta 1. Primera cámara réflex monocular en el formato 35mm. Esta era una máquina con un cuerpo en forma de  Jul 16, 2011 Classic Cameras Friday!

Ihagee kine exakta

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EUR 599,00. Kostenloser Versand. Ihagee Exakta B Type 4.1 w. Exakta je značka fotoaparátu, kterou proslavila společnost Ihagee.


Kine Exakta was the World's first 35 mm SLR camera. It was in production from the spring of 1936. (In fact the prototype of the Russian Sport preceeded it in 1934 but it was not ready for the mass production until 1937.) The 'Kine' in its name refers to the Cinema, where the standard 35mm film was used for motion pictures at that time.

Also known as Cosina CT1EX. Hardly a  Ihagee: Kine Exakta version 4 24x36 avec Meyer Optik Trioplan 50 mm 2.9.

Ihagee kine exakta

2018-06-06 · Promoting the collection, use and historical study of Ihagee cameras and associated accessories Read more about the Exakta Circle, who we are and what we do Great Exakta collection coming up for sale !

Ihagee kine exakta

Osservato  NICE! Ihagee Kine Exakta Dresden camera .& Schneider-Kreuznach Xenar 2.8/ 5cm. Gebraucht. EUR 579,99. oder Preisvorschlag. +EUR 20,00 Versand.

Ihagee kine exakta

Or use this link for our membership form. History of Ihagee History of the Exakta Circle Ihagee Kine Exakta The Kine-Exakta is one of the landmarks in camera design. Although it was not the first 35mm SLR, the Russian Sport claimed that honor, the Sport made no mark on the market, and had little or no effect on the future of camera design becoming little more than a footnote to history. Ihagee Kine Exacta (Exakta) 1945-1949 POST WAR (ver. 1.2.3) + Tessar 2,8/50mm lens, in used condition and shows wear on the chrome and black trim, lens has marks on the front element and is a little hazy internally, shutter is not firing, focusing screen and mirror are both in good condition. 2015-07-16 2007-01-02 2018-06-12 Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for VERY Rare Ihagee Kine Exakta First 35 mm SLR camera WORKS NICE LAST TYPE 5 at the best … 2021-03-04 Functionality: lens and viewfinder lenses are clean, viewfinder visibility is good - without aberrations, focusing and aperture work smooth and pleasant. The shutter does not work: the curtain does not move when cocked.
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Kine Exakta no. 484059. Ihagee, Dresden; original model, round viewerfinder magnifier and with a Meyer Primoplan f/1.9 5.8cm.

These are what many (myself in this number) consider "genuine" Exaktas, not follow-ups, imitations, or namesakes. The listing does not include cameras which only used the name "Exakta", really having nothing to do with the Ihagee Dresden series. IHAGEE KINE EXAKTA I 35MM SKR CAMERA BODY *READ* W/ ORIGINAL LEATHER CASE. $283.36.
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Spelling versions of Kine Exakta. All varieties of *1.2 were made in two spellings: Exakta and Exacta. I will be referring to these with the appropriate letter attached, e.g., *1.2.1.k or *1.2.3.c, if necessary. Hummel variant of *1.2.2. R. Hummel lists yet another model (004), not mentioned by A&R.

con 20 posiciones y óptica intercambiable. 2007-01-02 · Jhagee Kine Exakta + Flektogon Objektiv 2,8/35 Kamera-Nr.


It's a Cosina-built Pentax-K mount 35mm SLR that was produced around 1989-90. Also known as Cosina CT1EX. Hardly a  Ihagee: Kine Exakta version 4 24x36 avec Meyer Optik Trioplan 50 mm 2.9. Di seconda mano. EUR 299,00. +EUR 15,00 di spedizione. da Francia.

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